Perfect Materials To Be Used When Trying To Make Space

With the rise in population the chances for a place, city or even a country, to become congested is high. With the problem of increasing populations countries have to find solutions to accommodate all its citizens. It is obvious with the advancements in the cities, people from the rural areas of the particular country too might even move to cities, thus increasing the problem at hand even more. Since the beginning of this situation and the rise in the number of people in the city, the number of houses that are being built too has increased, but the space inside them to accommodate everything and everyone has reduced. Hence the need for necessary management of space has aroused, making people come up with different ways of making the best use of the space they’ve got. Here are a few suggestions that even you could use;

Tape and store

Take some time off to store away all those random pieces of souvenirs that might hold too many memories, pack them away to be stored in a basement or an attic. Get a couple of cardboard boxes and dump in all those that hold some sort of sentimental value in them, yet might look overcrowding in the house if they were to be on display. Using white masking tape, tape the boxes and store them away. You could obviously take them out some other time and relive the stories and memories they hold in them. 

Store in air tight

Using mini zip lock bags you could store away many things. You could use them to store away medicines and keep them out of reach from your kids, you could even use them to store food as well, thus making the remaining leftovers of last night to be all good and edible the next day. You could also use them to hold ice and turn it into a make-shift ice pack.

Hang them up

You probably might have scarves stored at the back of your cupboard taking up all the space and getting crushed, making it impossible to use without having to run the iron over it at least a couple of times. Using a hanger attach a couple of shower curtain rings to it and use them to hang up your scarves. You could use this method to hang other stuff as well.

Picturesque store away

This is an amazing away to not only store away your jewelry but also add an extra piece of deco to your home. If you’ve got an empty frame lying around, using invisible kite wire, stretch the string from one end to the other end of it, you could change the frame color to add an extra effect too. Once you’ve got your wire stretched out, hang your earrings, necklaces and other accessories on it. The ranging colors from your accessories shall add extra beauty all on its own.

Store in a carton

Did you know that even egg cartons too can be used as amazing material to store things in? Well with the little deep holes in them that acts as the perfect space to store rings, brooches,pins and others, it is the perfect material to be used. Of course you can DIY and decorate it to look whichever way you want it to look.

Make the best use of the space you’ve got and admire your handy work at the end of the day. Feel that sense of accomplishment when you realize you’ve got all your necessaries all organized and stored away!