It Can Be Tough On The Kids

The idea of having our home completely uprooted and moved is not something most people enjoy. Because most of us like to be encircled by familiarity. There is some sort of security that we find when we know the places around us, the faces around us. Even as adults we enjoy this sensation of fitting in. And it makes us feel secure in some way or the other. So we can imagine how this decision can be a hard one on the kids. Because they don’t have the understanding that we have. They don’t understand that we are doing this for the benefit of everyone. They don’t understand that this will give them a better chance at life. They only think we as adults are trying to disrupt all that they have put together so far.

They are going to be losing their school, their neighbors, their friends and their favorite hangout places. And as adults even though it might seem little and irrelevant to us compared to what we are giving up, for the kids these things mean the world to them make up their whole existence at their age. And if they think you are trying to snatch their world away from them then they are going to put up some struggle about it for sure.

So we as parents have to recognize what they are going through and be thoughtful to their feelings as well. And deal with it in the correct way. We shouldn’t badger them about packing up and carting everything to the shipping containers for example because this can be a really stressful time for them in their lives.

We have to give them they space they need to adjust to the change and the new situation they are going to find themselves in. therefore we must makes sure we handle all of their tantrums in a smooth way and not let it get any harder than what it already is for them. Don’t keep on disrupting their time in the last few days that they have with friends by pestering them about helping with the packing and the need to buy shipping containers in Adelaide.

Because this can make them feel like you are trying your hardest at making life difficult for them by taking away these precious little time they have left with all that is dear to them. Try as much as possible to give them reasons to look forward to the move rather than dread it even more. Make them doubt their fears about the relocations. Make them start thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as they are thinking it might be.