The Advancement Of Technology

Technology has changed us. It has made various improvements in our life. If not for technological advancement we would still be living in the dark ages. Technology plays a crucial role in our lives and will continue playing this role long after we’re gone. Man has been able to move forward and created something for himself due to technology. Our curiosity drove us to create. Since historic times man always wanted more, wanted to discover and wanted to create.

Since the beginning man created tools and weapons to hunt. We found how to create fire. Each step was slow but it was surely a step in the right direction. People began to use more comfortable clothes and built houses for themselves. As time went on people wanted protection and rights, which resulted in the creation of monarchy and the rule of law. The progress took many years but it benefitted our lives. 

Throughout history there have been many great inventors and scientists such as the likes of Galileo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and many more. They have been able to envision and create new technology that has benefitted man for many years to come. They are pioneers in their field reaching new heights. Their contribution to society has been immeasurable. This includes the creation of the first lightbulb, the first telephone and the first computer that revolutionised the world.
These advancement have improved our lives considerably. The entertainment sector for example has become a large industry. There are many forms of entertainment that is provided in various ways. Movies with high end film effects to music and video games are billion dollar industries. Entertainment is important to make people interested and energised. It is an industry with unlimited possibilities to expand and create new content.

The IT industry is one of the fastest growing industries. The world’s biggest and most profitable companies are IT companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon to name a few. Sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter has increased socialisation among people. This has enabled many to get corporate video production Hong Kong to advertise themselves on these sites.

Similarly advancement in healthcare has enabled us to do high risk operations such as eye and brain surgery. Many diseases have been eradicated due to advancements in chemistry. Some incurable diseases such as small pox, bubonic plague and leprosy can be cured easily and are not classified as life threatening diseases anymore. Further there are many precautions takes to prevent sicknesses and diseases.

All these advancements have brought man forward and will continue to drive us forward with much new advancement in the future.